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  1. Nourison Celestial range is a wild and popular splash of colour

    6 December 2017 by funkyrugsblog

    East Coast rug-design house, Nourison, is everyone’s favourite. Hundreds of thousands of floors across America and Europe owe a touch …
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  2. Sunny Californian style in a Barclay Butera rug

    18 June 2015 by funkyrugsblog

    It doesn’t take much sun to persuade us Brits to kick off our shoes and imagine that life really is …
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  3. It’s spring – are you ready to go floral on your floor?

    5 May 2015 by funkyrugsblog

    Right now, hedgerows, parks, and gardens are bursting into colour. Wherever you look, there are reminders that nature loves to …
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  4. Plain need never be dull or ordinary

    10 February 2015 by funkyrugsblog

    In interior design, ‘plain’ is an unpopular word. For too many people, it’s another way of saying ‘dull’ or ‘ordinary’. …
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  5. Nourison rugs – we’re specialists

    7 November 2014 by funkyrugsblog

    If you know your rugs, you’ll know that the starting point is Nourison, the New Jersey rug company founded by …
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  6. For cool urban sophistication, choose a Calvin Klein rug


    11 June 2014 by funkyrugsblog

    If there’s one brand that captures the sophistication of New York urban style, it’s Calvin Klein. Klein was the kid …
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  7. Shaggy rugs – the nearest thing to a meadow in your home

    27 March 2014 by funkyrugsblog

    Some people love to sink their toes into something soft. For them, pink skin and deep wool are a marriage …
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