Weave your own shimmering dreamworld with a House of Modivia rug

8 March 2018 by funkyrugsblog

Every so often we come across a range of rugs that stops us in our tracks – that makes us think again about what an imaginative person can do with rug design. This time it’s the House of Modivia that’s turned our world upside-down. And, hey, are we glad they did.

Casa 106.11 Beige Rug

The Casa 106.11 Beige Rug by the House of Modivia

House of Modivia is a Dutch company, the creation of Sandra and Stefan Baan. Their machine-made, polyester rugs made from recycled materials are so soft and inviting, they look and feel like they were handmade. The quality is glorious (998,000 knots per square metre), but the designs are light and ethereal – almost dreamlike.

Casa 108.21 Brown Rug

The Casa 108.21 Brown Rug by the House of Modivia.

Modivia’s Casa range consists of just 15 designs, each of which comes in the same three muted colours: brown, ecru, and grey. The designer’s restrained and unrelenting use of colour is part of the appeal. A Casa rug is unlikely to be the first thing you see when you walk into a room. But when you do see it, it’s certain to be the one object in that room that holds your attention. A Casa rug draws you into its own private world of veiled and shimmering complexity. The more you study these mesmerising patterns, the more you see.

Casa 112.01 Ecru Rug

The Casa 112.01 Ecru rug by the House of Modivia.

Some look like intricate lacework doilies; others could be irregular networks of string. There are broken patterns resembling threadbare flooring or worn fabrics, or the crazed glazing on an ancient ceramic.

Casa 115.31 Grey Rug

The Casa 115.31 Grey Rug by the House of Modivia.

House of Modivia loves to play with light. In their hands, subtle tonal variations turn an ordered pattern into an exercise in sunlight and reflections. They let you play with the light in your own living space. Lay one of these understated rugs on your floor and you’ll start to see the world in a different light.

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