Nourison Celestial range is a wild and popular splash of colour

6 December 2017 by funkyrugsblog

East Coast rug-design house, Nourison, is everyone’s favourite. Hundreds of thousands of floors across America and Europe owe a touch of magic to the Nourison design team. But customer reactions are rarely as unstoppable as they are for Nourison’s new Celestial range. This is one wild and exuberant burst of invention that’s turning British homes into art houses.

Celestial is not your average rug design. The colours are so vibrant and unstructured, it’s as if an artist and a chef have teamed up to mix paints and spices, and see what hot tints they create.

Luckily there’s much more to Celestial than colour. These swirling designs are bursting with subtlety, playfulness, and ambiguity. Some have an antique feel to them or the look of a tapestry worn with years of use. All are open to interpretation.

And one – Seaglass – bears the shadow of an underlying pattern from a bygone era. The two elements, pattern and colour, are so tightly meshed, it’s impossible to tell where one ends and the next begins.

Sealife is a conundrum. You won’t see fish in this pattern, although you may imagine the blurred hint of an underwater scene. More than anything, Sealife looks like the worn detail from a precious 18th-century tapestry.

Cayenne is as hot and peppery as you’d expect. There’s depth and layering, and more than a hint of a show-stopping autumnal chrysanthemum.

Palette is a fiery swirl of colour, perhaps like inks mixing in water. It fills your room with warmth and energy.

Burst could be a multicoloured waterfall or the most electrifying display of the aurora borealis. The colours race across the rug in a smear of energy.

In Stained Glass you see hints of another world revealed through shards of glass. Or are they reflections of this world? You never can be sure.

Wave is the eye of the storm or the tube of a breaking wave at sunset. Either way, it’s nature in the raw.

Atlantic is suggestive of metal corroded with salt and age. The rug seems almost three dimensional. The feeling of depth is so strong you fear you could slip through to the electric blue beneath.

Our descriptions barely do Celestial justice. If you enjoy colour and ambiguity, you’ll fall for these rugs – just as so many have before you.

The Celestial range comes in eight patterns and three sizes (119×180cm, 160×221cm, and  239×320cm). That’s more than enough choice to turn any room into a colourful parlour guessing game. Order online today.

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