Sunny Californian style in a Barclay Butera rug

18 June 2015 by funkyrugsblog

It doesn’t take much sun to persuade us Brits to kick off our shoes and imagine that life really is just one long summer. For a couple of months of the year, we can pretend we’re part of that non-stop sunny Californian lifestyle. Which is as good a reason as any to think about a rug to match – a rug that epitomises the carefree West Coast vibe.

And that means a rug from Barclay Butera, the king of Californian interior design. On this side of the Atlantic, Barclay is not so well-known. But in his home country, he’s a regular on chat shows and his designs are a staple for style magazines such as Elle Decor, Traditional Home, House Beautiful, and House & Garden.

To catch some of that West Coast style you don’t have to spend a couple of hours in Barclay’s showrooms in Hollywood or Newport Beach, California.You could save the air fare and check out his work in the Barclay Butera collection on our website.

At Funky Rugs we keep a tightly edited, capsule collection of Barclay Butera rugs. Our selection captures the range of his work.

His Maze Collection comes in two styles: an eye-poppingly geometric pattern inspired by Middle Eastern art forms, and a looser interpretation of the same pattern in intriguing urban colours.

The Oxford Collection presents a series of deckchair stripes reimagined for a laidback Californian audience. These are inviting, poolside rugs in nautical blues, sage greens, and sun-scorched desert ochres. Their simplicity lends itself to floors of wood, stone, tile, or carpet.


For a simple textural look, try the Ripple Collection, a series of four bordered rugs in muted, sun-bleached tones. The pleasure here is in the detail and the variety of tints that create the subtle flecks in Barclay’s Ripple design.

By contrast, the brightness of the Medley Collection is impossible to overlook. This is a series of patchwork rugs made from squares of natural hide dyed in vibrantly acidic colours.


Whichever Barclay Butera rug you choose, his easy going Californian lifestyle shines through. Even when the grey British weather returns, you’ll still be feeling the sun as you walk barefoot on your Barclay Butera rug.

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