More than a century of know-how in Brink & Campman rugs

4 June 2015 by funkyrugsblog

If you’re looking for a rug with heritage, you can’t go wrong with Brink & Campman. This Dutch design house has been making quality rugs since 1897. Some of the world’s most imaginative rugs were first seen at the company’s factory and showroom in Lichtenvoorde in the Netherlands. That’s more than a century of staying one step ahead of the competition.

Brink & Campman, which specialises in Axminster woven rugs, hand-tufted rugs, and hand-knotted rugs, produces a new range each year. The design team takes its cues from current trends in fashion and furniture, and from traditional weaving and knotting methods from around the world.

For example, our Himali and Kodari collections are hand-knotted in a way that’s typical of the Tibetan highlands of Nepal. To achieve those vivid colours, Kodari rugs contain a blend of 70% New Zealand wool and 30% Tibetan highland wool. Himali rugs use 100% hand-spun and carded Tibetan wool, ideal for the collection’s earthier colours.

Our Estella collection is completely different. It uses artificial silk to highlight elements of the design. To achieve even brighter colours in the Xian collection, Brink & Campman employ Japanese acrylics and, occasionally, a carving technique to create v-shaped cuts between zones.

Brink & Campman are particularly popular for shaggy rugs. Rocks Shaggy has a lively speckled effect, while Steel Shaggy gives you a slightly metallic urban look. Gravel Shaggy and Calypso Shaggy are superb collections of muted greys, browns, and beiges. Other collections are Rhythm Shaggy, Loops Shaggy, and the multicoloured Stonewash Shaggy.

For an unusual, graded take on stripes, have a look at our Luna collection. And for a mixture of bold design and muted colours, check out Spheric.

There’s much more to Brink & Campman than you can get from this brief overview. To see the full range of Dutch masters in all their glory, visit our Brink & Campman collections.

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