It’s spring – are you ready to go floral on your floor?

5 May 2015 by funkyrugsblog

Right now, hedgerows, parks, and gardens are bursting into colour. Wherever you look, there are reminders that nature loves to go floral. So why not you too?

Floral rugs have to work all year round. In the depths of winter that’s easy. Cheerful florals remind you that the grey views from your window won’t last for ever. But in spring, your floral rugs have a bit of competition. They have to stand up to the real thing – and still look good.


So we’ve taken a fresh look at our own rug collection to give you a few tips on what’s hot and floral at Funky Rugs.

A good place to start are the honeysuckles and dog roses of the designer rugs collection from I2K.

For something a shade more abstract, head for the Kodari Collection from Brink & Campman, and their wildly inventive Anemone, Jasmine, Garland, and Daydream designs. And who couldn’t fall in love with the exuberantly tropical Xian Passion? At Brink & Campman, even your kids can go floral with Fleur 41203 and Fleur 41207.

For a big floral-statement rug, you can’t beat Nourison’s Tropics Collection. Designs such as TS01 IV, TS10 MTC, and TS13 MOC will make you rethink what a floral rug should be. On the other hand, Nourison’s Gatsby, Skyland, and Julian collections take a much more traditional approach to flower designs.

For the most understated of florals, you can take your cue from the king of metropolitan cool, Calvin Klein. His Urban Vapor and Urban Garnet rugs are florals for a skyline of concrete and steel – as is the muted cream and grey of Angelo’s Blossom.


At Funky Rugs, the floral options are as varied as the fresh spring colours outside your window. Whatever you choose, you’ll come up smelling of roses.

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