Plain need never be dull or ordinary

10 February 2015 by funkyrugsblog

In interior design, ‘plain’ is an unpopular word. For too many people, it’s another way of saying ‘dull’ or ‘ordinary’. We disagree. Plain is the block of solid colour or the blanket of subtle tones and textures against which the best interior designers create effects that are anything but plain.

Plain is a foil, an expanse of simplicity, a breathing space – the one thing far too many designers overlook. More to the point, if plain doesn’t mean fabulous, why do leading brands such as Calvin Klein, Nourison, Barclay Butera, and Rug Couture include ranges of plain within their collections?


Exuberantly plain at Funky Rugs
At Funky Rugs we embrace plain as vigorously as we embrace bold patterns, irregular shapes, and wild textures. When the materials are good, the colours are subtle, and the finish is superb, you can’t beat plain.

Take the Calvin Klein Shimmer and Lunar collections. The subtlest changes in tone create the most vibrant effects, yet when you get up close, you can barely see any difference between rug fibres.


Nourison creates a similar effect in its Sterling collection. Although there really are two colours here, they’re expertly blended. Irregularities in the proportions of the two colours accentuate the gentle variations in tone to create a plain rug that’s bursting with texture.


The Barclay Butera Ripple collection takes a slightly different approach. Again it has variations of a single colour, but the variations are more marked near the edges to create a subtle border effect.

In Westport, Nourison uses variations in pile depth and weave to create subtle tonal effects. These rugs may be one colour, but they’re alive with pattern.


Of all the design teams within our collection, Rug Couture is the most uncompromising in its use of plain colours and rich materials. Because the choice of shapes and colours is huge, you can find a plain rug to suit any room. These are the glorious wool rugs that serve as the backdrop to real life in all its variety. Whatever you want to do with your life, one of these plain rugs will provide the canvas on which to do it.


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