Arte Espina for a splash of modernity

16 December 2014 by funkyrugsblog

A rug doesn’t have to be cosy. Sure, it has to be soft and silky to the touch, but the look can be anything that takes your fancy. And if you want the world to know that you’re in touch with contemporary design, you’ll head straight for the Arte Espina collection on our website.


There’s nothing twee or country-cottage-like about Arte Espina. These are rugs that make a statement. They don’t recede into the background, they broadcast your design credentials. Often, an Arte Espina rug sets the tone that you follow through with the rest of your furniture. But that’s always how it’s been with Arte Espina. Where this Dutch rug-design company leads, lesser designers follow.


Ranges such as Colour Codes and Kinetic are typical of Arte Espina’s bold use of colour and line. You can’t miss rugs like these. They’re the self-confident centrepieces of an approach to interior design that won’t settle for ordinary. Even a collection that sounds as homely as ‘Tweed’ is full of surprises. There’s nothing earthy or homespun about the Tweed Collection, it’s a lively exercise in monochrome design.

Coloured Cubes is a Mondrian-inspired artwork, while Pop Art could have come straight from the hippest of Chelsea homes in the early 60s.

Arte Espina isn’t just about strong lines and thoughtful design; there’s plenty of fun to be had too. Collections such as Mix Match and Colourful Summer bring out your playful side. They’re the kinds of rugs to bring a smile to your face on the greyest of days. The same goes for the colourful birds, treasure islands, and dragon-proof castles of Kids Collection.


Arte Espina rugs bring out the dreamer in everyone.

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