Nothing straight about our irregular-shaped rugs

24 September 2014 by funkyrugsblog

The average room is shaped much like a box. Some are a little longer or wider; a few are L-shaped or T-shaped; nearly all of them feature straight lines. Which is probably why most rugs are square or rectangular.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes it makes sense to strike out on your own with a rug that breaks convention – a rug that revels in the irregular shapes of real life.

Round and gently rounded rugs
Your wild streak doesn’t have to be all that wild. A round rug could be all you need to soften the harsh lines of a room that still demands geometric perfection. If simplicity is your thing, you’ll find a huge choice of round rugs in plain colours. For playfulness, how about bold patterns or shaggy softness? We even have round rugs made of patchwork cowhide.


Or maybe it’s just the sharp corners of a rug that need rounding off. Shaggy rugs with gently rounded corners look and feel as soft as a pillow, while our On the Rocks rugs are the softest collection of felted merino balls.


Pure animal
If you really want to challenge the clean lines of a room, you have to go organic. The shapes of natural life are just about as wild as you can get. And no shapes are as wild as our cowhide rugs. Some cowhide rugs look just like the cows they came from. Others are zebras, tigers, or leopards – they let roar of the jungle cut straight through the regularity of your urban space.


Shapes that defy convention
Some rugs go all-out to redefine shape. They’re so irregular, they look more like a collection of scattered samples than a finished rug. But look a second time and you see that there’s really nothing random about them. Our Pebbles rugs are the work of rug designers with a keen eye for colour, pattern, and form.

Or how about the Xian collection, which could be rounded stones found on a beach or the topography of a mountainous island seen from the air. These are rugs that you could stare at for hours without fathoming their meaning.


No need to get boxed in
Yes, most rugs are neatly squared-off. That’s fine if you live a neatly squared-off sort of life. Luckily there are enough of us out there who know that there are other routes to rug design. We feed our irregular-shaped thoughts with an irregular-shaped rug from Funky Rugs.

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