For cool urban sophistication, choose a Calvin Klein rug


11 June 2014 by funkyrugsblog

If there’s one brand that captures the sophistication of New York urban style, it’s Calvin Klein. Klein was the kid from the Bronx who took the Manhattan fashion world by storm. Within a year of opening his first coat shop, he was on the cover of Vogue.

These days the Calvin Klein brand stretches wide. At one end there’s the perfume and the underwear; at the other, his rug designs. Calvin Klein rugs don’t hit the headlines like the underwear, but they’re just as smart, and just as desirable.

Our range of Calvin Klein rugs includes 75 rugs in 14 collections. The look is subtle and understated; the mood is relaxed and luxurious. These are designs that draw you in slowly. There’s no shouting: no in-your-face designs or eye-catching colours. It’s the quality and the thoughtfulness that you notice. Calvin Klein rugs are chic and restrained.


The Plateau Collection is typical. The design is minimal: either plain or a few simple stripes in earthy shades. The lustre of the wool and the quality of the finish do all the work.

The Shimmer Collection pares things back even further. There’s no pattern, just a subtle grain created by variations in colour and indistinct lines.

The Calvin Klein approach to texture is equally simple. The Kerala Sisal Collection emphasises the weave of the sisal, while the Canyon Collection uses depth of pile to suggest ripples in sand or the cracked earth of a dry river bed.


There’s much more of course – enough choice and variety to fill an entire Manhattan apartment block with different rugs. It’s designer style for your floor, as snug and desirable as a well-cut pair of Calvin Klein underpants.

Speaking of which – if you’re tempted to strip down to your Calvin Klein underwear when you lounge on your Calvin Klein rug, no one is going to complain. When you’re in the mood for winding down, it helps to have nothing but soft and stylish underwear and a soft and stylish silk or wool rug next to your skin.

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