Soft play – children’s rugs for a life enjoyed at floor level

8 May 2014 by funkyrugsblog

When you play with kids, what one thing do you do without thinking about it, that you would hardly ever do with adult friends? No, it’s not singing another round of The Wheels on the Bus, it’s getting down on your hands and knees.

In a young child’s life, the real action happens at floor level. That’s where dinosaurs fight to the death, express trains tumble from rickety wooden bridges, and even the prettiest ponies misbehave. On the floor you join the wackiest tea parties and build the wobbliest castles. In short, the floor is where you have the most fun.

It’s also where you find some of the funkiest rugs. Our collection of children’s rugs captures the magic and exuberance of tiny heads bursting with big ideas. The children’s rugs in our designer range are soft enough for a mid-afternoon nap, lively enough to spark a new game or two, and big enough for every teddy to have a seat at the picnic.

Arte Espina children’s rugs are bold and bright. Each one prompts its own story: wild birds from an as-yet-undiscovered rainforest, an impregnable, dragon-proof castle, and a desert island thick with buried treasure. For the daily commute to and from bed, there’s even a 5-foot-long car.



Brink & Campman children’s rugs invite more open-ended games. There are life-size patchwork bears with an irresistible cuddle-me-now look and multicoloured stepping stones that double as islands in a sea of dreams. There’s an irregular patchwork of coloured slabs and bunches of flowers that could be hiding tarantulas or fairies.


Our point is that a soft rug on the floor of a child’s bedroom or playroom is the launch pad for their next great adventure. And yours too. Providing you’re willing to get down so low you can bury your nose and your knuckles in the pile.

To start your child’s adventure or rekindle your own childhood dreams, see our children’s rug collection.

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