Shaggy rugs – the nearest thing to a meadow in your home

27 March 2014 by funkyrugsblog

Some people love to sink their toes into something soft. For them, pink skin and deep wool are a marriage made in heaven. They love shaggy rugs.

We’re not into psychology, so we don’t what draws people to the tactile sensuality of a shaggy rug. But we’re not immune to the attractions. We’ve been known to lie down on a deep shag pile in front of a roaring log fire to the beat of Barry White. And not always on our own.

But we digress. There was a time when shag pile was inextricably linked with lava lamps and 70s (un)cool. No more. The latest generation of shaggy rugs is as hip as celebrity selfies and Scandinavian whodunits. And just as intriguing. Shag piles vary from spaghetti tangles to woven knots. There are traditionally soft and sensuous shag piles and textures that look more like pebble beaches.  The fact is, if you want to feel the texture of soft wool underfoot, there’s a shag-pile rug to suit your home and your style.


The trick is to choose a pile that expresses your personality. Whichever way you look at it, shag pile is fun. These are rugs for people who like an element of playfulness in their home decor. With a shaggy rug, you can create the most mannered or minimal design scheme and still let the world know that somewhere inside you there’s a streak of anarchy.

A shaggy rug is a little island of wildness in a well-ordered world. It’s the soft grass of irreverent childhood tickling the toes of grown-up living. And long may the game continue.

To find your own island of escapism, see our shaggy rug collection.

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